ITRaters is a software integration services company, aimed at and solely on providing quality service to our customer. ITRaters believe so much in this concept that we adhered committed ourselves to five dimensions of quality dimensions.


We deliver what we promise about delivery, service provision, problem, resolution, and pricing. Our products do what is expected and do it right.


We are knowledgeable, team we have courtesy toward our customer. We don’t have employees because all of us are partners. We are all previous multinational companies’ employees. We were raised in a professional environment were we respect our customer. We were high calibers in our companies and still we are.


Despite services are so intangible, we adapted our processes to provide as much proofs to customers as we can. In fact we consider our customer as our co-worker where, we have strong communication channels to synch up our customer expectation with our product under development.


We are there with our customer to walk with him that extra mile to achieve his success. We never give up, or quite. It is not enough for us that we deliver, it is not enough for us that customer got what he expected, it is only enough for us if customer is really is benefiting from our service. Customer’s success is our success.


We give our customer the highest priority, we provide prompt response. We adapted many techniques to speed up development and testing, in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

At the end the question why are we different?

We provide to our customer a multinational company service with the local market prices. We implement CMMi processes and Agile practices, which guarantees success for us as well as our customer, yet customer will not have to pay more for this mature level of service, because simply this is the way do business.