A Well-Rounded Service to Fuel Your Long-term Success

ITRaters proudly boasts the experience and expertise of the highest level resources in a multitude of industries. We merge management skill, strategic understanding, and technical capabilities of our experts with the most advanced and sophisticated technology to develop highly customized solutions that targets your specific challenges. The result is unhindered progress, increased productivity, and enhanced performance.

Major highlights of our IT and Business consulting service include

Diversity of Management and Technical Skills from Project Management to Graphics Designing
Broad Range of Financial Services including Risk Management and Financial Crime Monitoring
Industry Specific Solutions such as Specialized Marketing Telecom Analytics
Expertise over Robust Technology Platforms ranging from SAP and Oracle to Teradata and others.
Our Service Domain

With a mission to become the most reliable support and empowerment factor for your business, we offer skilled resources in different technology platforms focused in special domains including, but not limited to:

We offer Analytical teams with broad business and analytical capabilities. Our service covers almost every aspect of business analytics including market analytics, supply chain analytics, and risk analytics.

Data Management
Discover the potential of effective data management with the help ITRaters’ most proficient professionals. Our experts promise a flawless service that promises to help you lower costs, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risks for your business.

Data Quality
Let us manage the integrity and quality of your data sources you order to help you determine the potential of the data for your business. The service includes data cleansing, matching, and profiling performed by our experts.

Systems Integration
We can help you make the best technology related decision for your business by utilizing the industry understanding and technology knowledge of the most proficient team. Empower your business through a robust and reliable system that enables you to use technology to its best advantage.

System Administration
From troubleshooting to OS management, we offer the expertise to manage your system and ensure its efficiency without any glitches and hindrance. With uninterrupted system administration, we can protect your IT environment while ensuring optimum performance.

Software Development
We outsource IT expertise with comprehensive command over the most efficient development platforms including J2EE, .NET, and others. Web, desktop, or any other device, we make sure that each and every solution tailored and streamlined according to your needs.

Industries We Serve

At ITRaters, we take great pride in our extensive list of reputable clients from a multitude of industries. While we love exploring new niches and taking extraordinary challenges, there are a few industries that we serve with exceptional and extraordinary excellence. These industries include, but are not limited to:

Public Sector
Oil and Gas
While we have proudly served numerous public sector clients and multinational corporations, our realistic pricing and honest service makes us equally feasible choice for small business. So, let us empower your business by enabling effective management and implementation, and expedited growth and long term success.